Oolauncher's History

What's New: (v1.0.0.6)

  • fix a seltem crash issue when the parameters field is empty.
  • add pressing shift key while starting with windows to prevent all programs from launching.
  • add launching programs one by one option in dialog.
  • add warning dialog for the first starting.

What's New: (v1.0.0.5)

  • save information while clicking start button.
  • add force window show style and set the force show delay time features.
  • enable to set original location for all applications.
  • fix retrieve rundll32.exe icon issue.
  • if windows is visible, do not exit.
  • select the starting application in the list.
  • fix the issue that quotes enclosed paramter, path, working folder and name will be eaten.

What's New: (v1.0.0.4)

  • fix parsing issue for path which has space but no quotation marks and was terminated by .exe/.bat.
  • adjust some strings in dialogs.

What's New: (v1.0.0.3)

  • fix parameters will not take effect for some processes issue.
  • fix start button will froze UI issue.
  • add auto exit after all processes are started.
  • add unchange style for window in UI.
  • add apply button in UI.
  • fix/improve windows display style will not take effect issue.
  • fix restore function issue for processes which were added from folders manually.
  • fix item selection issue after restored.
  • support start applications which path contain environment variable.
  • Oolauncher is restricted to one instance running only.
  • fix parse paths which have white space but no quotation marks in it.
  • hide Oolauncher window when starting with /s.